To Talk of goodness is not good; Only to do it is.

This, in essence, is the guiding philosophy of Vatsalyam, a decade old service organization based in Chennai (Madras) known for its innovative, well-executed community friendly projects.
The word 'Vatsalyam' means compassion and it comes from Sanskrit, the language that forms the edifice of India's glorious heritage.
A service organization registered under the Charitable Trust Act, Vatsalyam recognizes the fundamental equality of all creation and true to its name, sets about providing relief to the needy and poor with compassion and concern.

Our focus is on empowering the girl student and guiding her to achieve
excellence through various service initiatives.

With a team of socially concerned individuals from diverse walks of life bound by a common and strong desire to serve the underprivileged and the downtrodden, Vatsalyam has chosen for itself three thrust areas to work in viz. health, education and infrastructure development in rural Tamil Nadu.
As a service organization, it stands for a unique altruism and philanthropy highlighted by the giver's humility and his concern to uphold the receiver's dignity! It ensures that there is no compromise on the quality of any aspect of the service- be it the medicines for the patients at the free medical camps it organizes or the dress material or stationery items it distributes to the school children from economically disadvantaged sections.


1. To sensitize society and create an effective mechanism to take care of the deprived and disadvantaged sections.

2. To equip and enable children through education, information and proper guidance.

3. To bring dignity to the lives of people and make them self-reliant.

4. To create a vibrant society that would serve as a model through optimum utilization of available resources and also by creating additional facilities.


           1. To inform, educate and guide people at the lowest rung of the society and bring about a qualitative change in their lives through an effective synergy of various agencies-both Government and Non-Government and help them achieve a generational leap in education and healthcare.

2. To complement the efforts of the Government and ensure the benefits of schemes enunciated by the Government to percolate down to the last man in the social line-up.

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