Vatsalyam launched its new programme, Vizhippu (Awakening)

West Mambalam- January 8, 2014

‘Vatsalyam’ launched its new programme, ‘Vizhippu’ (Awakening) for teenage girl students at the Chennai Higher Secondary School, K.R.Koil Street, West Mamabalam on Wednesday, January 8, 2014.

Designed and presented by Dr.(Mrs.) M.Prema, Project Coordinator, Gandhi Education Foundation, Chennai, this event aims at sensitizing the target group to teenage related issues that create a lot of turbulence in their minds with adverse impact on their emotions and attitudes.

In her free and frank exposition, Dr.(Mrs.) Prema analyzed the cause and effect of these disturbances and suggested proven methods by which they can get around them and harness their time and energy for constructive purposes. She urged the students to develop a healthy approach to their interactions with the members of the opposite sex without allowing them to become an emotional burden or distraction which will be an impediment to their long-term goals. Focussing on the role of the media, Dr.Prema appealed to the girls to be wary of unrealistic portrayal of life in the media- especially in the television and movies and imbibe only what is beneficial to their overall progress.

‘Vatsalyam’ has plans to take this project across all the Corporation Schools in and around Ashok Nagar depending on the response from the target group..

Mrs. Hemalatha Ramkumar, Headmistress, Chennai HS School, KR Koil Street proposed the vote of thanks.


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